SMART Concepts Group

Our Approach:

SMART Concepts Group is focused on providing financial advisors strategic and operational advice to achieve business success. Our SMART team members help advisors define their operating models and processes to enhance growth, drive performance and the value of your business.

About Us:

SMART Concepts Group was formed by Thomas R. Titus. He has spent more than 32 years guiding financial practitioners and saw a need for providing personalized integrated solutions regarding growth strategies, entity formations, practice structure, succession planning, valuation services and legal services. His principals, tools and strategies have been developed from real-world experience and are constantly adapted to meet today’s changing landscape.

What We Do:

SMART Concepts Group, provides personalized solutions to financial advisors through an integrated approach of consulting services.  Our organization is structured to provide quality information and support across a broad base of topics that have the potential to positively impact the long-term growth of any financial service organization.